Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Days by Weeks, The Weeks by Days - Week #4

Time stands still here, at least in the moment. Until you look back and you have already been here a month! Crazy! It is starting to get sad talking to missionaries because they reported after us and leave before us, a good 90% of them with the only exceptions being the Eastern Euros and Mandos/Cantos. It is funny to see people's reaction when they here how long we have been here and how much longer we have. But the time is starting to pick up a lot.

As the language becomes easier, the days and weeks become faster. The alphabet is starting to come to me. Yesterday we read 1 Nephi 1:1 in Thai and went around reading one syllable with the correct tone and we couldn't even finish one verse in 15 minutes before we had to move on to another activity. But we are progressing everyday. All the Thais carry an alphabet card on them so that it is easier to read and write, I have two now because I lost mine but then I found it and someone gave me an extra one they made haha.

Our investigators are progressing well. The biggest piece of news is that yesterday we went on splits with the other district, because our teachers wanted us to. The objective was to build unity between districts because we are SO different. Their district is more serious about everything and so they are a little stressed about the language but our district releases our stress through a lot of humor haha and so learning the language doesn't freak us out too much, we just take it step by step. So when we went on splits it was so different teaching with Elder Johnson, his style was much much different from Elder Kekauoha's but we still taught a good lesson to Phii Mai and resolved some of his concerns about baptism.

But the lesson after that (we taught again that night) we were back to our normal companionships and we taught one of the most solid lessons to Phii Baa of all time. We taught mostly about repentance and living prophets, and transitioned using ancient prophets in the scriptures. We were trying to put an emphasis on the baptismal interview questions as we wait to baptize him. He says that he does not know if he is willing to give up alcohol so next lesson we have to talk about the Word of Wisdom and also how that relates to Joseph Smith so he knows it is revelation.

Every Saturday we have TRCs or teaching resource center lessons where we teach returned missionaries from Thailand lessons meant for members. We teach them as themselves and they can help us out with language when we get stuck, unlike our investigators. This week went super well, we taught a lesson to one person the first lesson and then two the second time, the opposite of what it was last week. One of them was the same guy we taught last week, a soccer player who plays for BYU! He is so awesome and last week we asked him in Thai how our Thai was and his answer in English was "Amazing, you Elders are ready to go Thailand" We sure don't feel ready haha lots more to learn. Our recent TRCs also wrote that about us, in script that we had to read, and Sister Khawmuangnoy told us we had to be more confident about the language haha.

Other than that, nothing much happened this week. For the next two weeks nothing much will happen until the new Thai missionaries come in!! We are waiting patiently for September 14th because we cannot wait to be the Phii Thais. Both districts agreed to speak only in Thai around them on their first day so that will freak them out haha. That day is when new Cambodians, new Thais, new Indos, and new Malays come in so our zone will be back to about a hundred or so strong! Just have to wait 2 more weeks.

I will keep my out tomorrow for Elder Molloy to come in, I don't know of anyone else going in that day. I have been hanging out with Elder Willes whenever possible, we hung out in his classroom a little bit Sunday night because the Sunday night movie they were in broke and ours was full so we went back to the classroom and I saw him so I hung out with him and taught him some Thai for about 30 minutes.

I will be getting some pictures later today at the temple! And around p-day. I have my camera on me but it is too early to send some pictures so they will be sent later! Love you all, thanks for the packages and letters!

p.s. Dear Elders did not get sent out last night to any of the missionaries so if you asked me anything I don't respond to today, I am sorry!

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