Tuesday, September 20, 2016

7 Down, Just 2 to Go - Week #7

I feel as if I have been in this MTC for more than seven weeks, it is unbelievable that for the past month and a half I have not traveled outside of the MTC campus. But now with each day, the prospect of going to Thailand becomes more and more real. We receive our flight plans on Friday that will detail every flight and layover so I will be able to send that next week, and a few days after that we should be receiving our native nametags. Right now, our name tags are half in English, with my name being spelled regularly, and the name of the Church spelled in Thai. Once we receive our new tags, our names will also be spelled in Thai and they are the ones we will be wearing in Thailand. So we are all very excited for the upcoming week.

The monotony of the MTC is starting to get to the Thai and Viet districts, the branch presidency is aware that we are anxious to just get out into the field so they had us set high goals to motivate us these next two weeks. For us, we decided the best way to make this place more exciting was schedule a real soccer match against the Vietnamese Elders, the ones going to Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, and Anaheim speaking Viet. So it will be all the Phii Thais playing the Viets, wearing our mission shirts and holding our flags on the way to the field, it will be fun.

The nahng (young) Thais came in on Wednesday as well as eleven new Cambodians and two new Indonesian sisters. They are all on our classroom floor, unlike our Phii Thais who were in 18M, so that gives us the chance to come visit the ten new Elders and Sisters going to Thailand and help them with the language. It is funny to see where we were when we first got here, my companion and I offered ourselves as a practice investigator so we got to see how we actually taught lessons. I can truly say now, we really have come far. Although we still feel like we can't speak at all, we can now understand a lot and speak at a pretty basic level to get the point across.

Understanding the investigator/member we are teaching is a huge necessity. Yesterday we were again able to Skype a Thai-speaking member. This time our member was a girl named Sister Niws and she lived in Bangkok. She skyped us from the mission office because she is doing an internship there. Our lesson was solid and we were able to say what we needed to say. She was very involved and shared experiences and scriptures. We were able to understand about 50-60% of what she said, enough to know where to take the lesson. They really can speak fast so it is tough to catch up as you are trying to understand everything they are saying, but the Gift of Tongues is real and helps our companionship so much in being able to discern the needs of those we teach.

Sorry this is a short email, this week was long but it was just cramming language in before heading to Thailand. Love you all! Thank you for your letters and packages!

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