Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Less than a Week! - Week #8

Well this is it, the last week of our MTC experience. It is a surreal feeling to think that we will actually be leaving for Thailand on October 3rd! Our flight plans are as follows, in local times:

-Leave SLC for CHI at 7:00 am
-Land in CHI at around 11:10 am
-Long layover in CHI and then leave for Hong Kong at around 3:30 pm
-Land in Hong Kong at around 8:15 pm, layover for one hour
-Leave HK for Bangkok at 9:15 pm at 11:15 pm

A little crazy that we are flying to Chicago and then back towards Hong Kong, it will be a little extra but as long as we get to fly out of here, we are good with anything! When we were walking to our mailbox to check if our flight plans came, the Mandarins were walking out (Elder Willes' "adopted district") with theirs and so we just sprinted to the mailbox and there they were. Since then, it has gone actually faster than I thought it would but the next few days will be slow.

We have two more full days of class left and then in-field orientation and then one more class after that where we talk about the culture of Thailand so that we know enough to not offend anyone over there. And then we have two days of General Conference and we will be doing our final preparations in between sessions, like packing and doing laundry. And then we get up at around 2:45 in the morning on Monday and report to the travel office at 3:30 and get ready for about 30 hours of traveling.

We are so ready to get out to the field but we also aren't. Luckily the language has progressed a lot since Day 1, our Skype TRC with Phii Sua went well. We based our lesson plan around reading scripture to receive an answer to a question he had but he said he had no questions. In fact we asked him like 4 or 5 questions to see if he had any needs regarding reading the Book of Mormon and he had none, he was just perfect haha.

A couple days ago, my companion had to go to MTC choir because he will be singing in general conference choir. So, I was given the option of who to teach with and I picked Elder Turley. He went into the lesson with minimal preparation because it was such short notice but did so well. In fact him and I taught what I think was my most powerful, favorite lesson at the MTC. We taught our investigator about the Gift of the Holy Ghost the night before he was to receive baptism. He had a lot of questions and our answers just flowed. Phii Baa said one thing and Elder Turley and I looked at each other and knew what scripture to turn to, it was amazing. When we left, Phii Baa said he felt peace in his heart after the lesson and that he was excited for baptism. It was an amazing lesson about the Holy Ghost taught by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Unless we are given time before we leave, this very well might be my last weekly update before I leave. The next email you will ready will most likely be from Thailand! This MTC experience was long but your letters and packages made it easier to endure. Thank you all for your love and support.

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