Monday, October 31, 2016

Pictures Week #13

Had to Be Me... Week #13

This week was a wild week. I thought that last week was a solid week, until this one. Not only did we baptize TWO persons yesterday, throughout the week we found ELEVEN new investigators and every single one of them was through contacting referrals. The week flew by, I could hardly believe today was already P-Day!

We were able to baptize Brother Shin and Brother Nat in a mineral lake here, one of three spots the members like to go to (We hope to go to the waterfall to baptize at least once these two transfers, it is far and we have been there for P-Day but we want to baptize in it. Luckily I will be here most likely for at least three transfers because it is unlikely they will whitewash Elders in here again). It was an amazing baptism, even though it started raining as Elder Powers was baptizing Brother Shin first. The mud below was extremely slippery and we didn't exactly know the depth but we went in anyway and it was amazing to see how much it meant to our new converts Shin and Nat.

I baptized despite having a pretty gnarly wound on my leg. Before you freak out Mom, know that I am ok and healthy. A couple nights ago I came home with blisters on my leg, and I myself was freaked out. I knew it was not a mosquito so I called the mission nurse as soon as possible. She said to go to the church ASAP and email pics (our phones do not send pictures) so at 10 we got dressed and went to the church in some very tourist looking clothes and sent some pictures. She had no idea what it was so she guessed it was a spider bite so she told me to ice it and go to sleep. So I did that and it hurt a ton and then fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up and blisters on my other leg and so I was really confused and called her again and she told me I was probably allergic to whatever bit me and to go to the hospital after church. So we waited until after the baptism to go but before then, some members took a look at it and said it was no mosquito, it was a rove beetle. They said it was new to Thailand and rare and then gave me an article about it. It freaked me out so I called the nurse again and she told me to go ASAP and so we went after the baptism and they gave me drugs to take for three days and if I does not get better I have to go back.

It is already starting to heal so I think that it will heal within three days but it was such a scare. I still went into the water despite the pain because nothing holds me back from a baptism and a Tim Tam slam hahaha. It was an amazing week with ups and downs but I am realizing more and more that this place has become home to me because of the members. My trainer told me today how much I will eventually miss this place and I realize I definitely will, and will definitely have to come back here some time after my mission.

Today we travel up to Chiang Mai, so after this email my P-Day is already over and we have to get on a six hour bus. We will probably do some shopping once we arrive because we will have some time so that will be fun. We get to stay the night in a super nice hotel again and then go listen to Elder Wong speak tomorrow and then leave for another six hour trip back here. Other than that, this week we will be trying as hard as we can to teach our eleven new investigators!

Love you all! ​