Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tim Tam Slam! Week #12

The mission tradition here after every baptism is a Tim Tam slam, you bite the corners off of a Tim Tam and fill the tray with milk and then drink the milk through the cookie and then eat the cookie. It is bomb and it represents us dunking an investigator in water! So yes, this week had my first baptism! The first of many, for sure. I had the opportunity to baptize Brother Wef in the river of Gamphaengphet.

Some information about Wef. He is a sixteen year old guy who started learning with the Elders before us, Elder Darby and Elder Merrill (we whitewashed). Wef is gay but the Second Counselor of the Mission Presidency cleared him to be baptized. He was extremely excited to be baptized, even so to the point that he said he would do anything to receive it. And so he did and began to overcome his major trial to make a covenant with God. We have a few investigators like that, actually. But it does not change the fact that all must hear and accept the gospel and so we helped him do that.

Besides the baptism we had even more unimaginable success this week. Our branch attendance goal coming in was 40 and in our first branch meeting as the missionaries here (we had General Conference and District Conference the weeks before) we had 34! Not only were there 34 people there but we had 3 less active members, 4 investigators, and 5 recent converts at church. All because we put the work into calling and visiting less actives and other members and investigators. With more work we will surpass our goal.

We also had eight member present lessons here, which rivals that of bigger areas and is quite unusual for Gamphaeng. One of those lessons I had to teach myself because my comp is the Secound Counselor in the Branch Presidency so he went on a split with the First Counselor to do tithing work and I taught the lesson entirely by myself with a little help from a future missionary in our branch named Dot Com.

We also found a new investigator but as of right now we do not have much infornation on him. We will see how he progresses and hopefully he does so that he can be a regular member of our teaching pool. Next week we have the privilege of going to Chiang Mai to attend mission tour. Elder Wong of the Seventy is going to come visit every zone in the mission so we get to go stay up in that nice hotel in Chiang Mai again, that is going to be fun. Other than that, nothing else is going on. Things are going well and I am healthy as of now.

Love you all and hope things are well back home!


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