Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend in Chiang Mai

This was a crazy past weekend. Not much missionary work happened, we actually didn't teach any lessons because it was so busy. I had to take a bus down to Bangkok on Thursday night and was on a switch off with a native Thai missionary who doesn't speak much English at all. That was interesting haha. The bus ride was about 5 or 6 hours and we arrived at around midnight, a time when Bangkok is pretty sketchy. But all was well and we slept in the Bangkok North zone leaders house and woke up early the next morning on no sleep to go get my work permit. About 2 or 3 taxis later we were lost and called the Assistants, who told us it was no big deal. We were late to get the work permit so the secretary picked it up for me.

So then another few taxis later we got to a KFC and ate. Basically we traveled 10 hours both ways and lost a lot of sleep to get some KFC, so that was fun. I was bummed that I didn't get to see my MTC group but I heard it was only a few seconds to meet up. After we got back to Gamphaengphet, we picked up our bikes and headed to Big C (indoor mall basically) to get some food and then back to the house to pack up for Chiang Mai. We then got on another long 6 hour bus ride to Chiang Mai overnight and got a little sleep and then arrived at the ZLs house in our zone at around 3 and then slept as much as we could.

We woke up the next morning and had a really chill day, almost like a pday. Because it wasn't our area, we didn't have to do anything. The CM elders taught a lesson but we went out to find places to eat. We tried to go to China Town but the traffic was bad and we had to get back for a service project. So we came back for that and moved out an English classroom the Church is selling because it has mold. We put it all in a song thau and crammed like 10 missionaries in it, it is a pickup truck but instead of a pickup it as two enclosed wooden rows. We drove that back and moved the stuff into the Chiang Mai Elders 2 house and then headed back to get ready for the District Conference.

The District Conference was pretty cool. It was weird being in an actual church since ours is just a rented place we found out used to be a bar. There are a lot of falangs, or white people, up in Chiang Mai and this one RM is a counselor in the District Presidency and if you listen to him speak Thai he sounds native. One of the Area 70s were there and spoke so fast that I could only pick a few words out. My understanding is getting better but he was just crazy fast, the translators there for the falangs were struggling.

The next day was another District Conference meeting and I met a guy who knew Aunt Kim who is living up there but I don't remember his name. He said used to be Colton's YM leader. And there was a mom and daughter on vacation there from Capo Beach, small world. After the meeting we took some pictures and ate some food and then packed up to get on another bus to head back to our area with all of our members and investigators. They were camping up in Chiang Mai before the conference so all our investigators came, it was way awesome. We took a bus home and arrived late last night and then had to take a three weel car to our house because the place that had our bikes was closed. That is why we are emailing late today, it is because we had to get our bikes after a long ride back to the bus station out of town.

(mom's note: I was able to go back and forth with him a bit in emails and here are some of his responses)

-I asked about the weather and food and this was his response:

It is hot at some points but manageable. The food is a lot of meat served on rice. The stuff you like, the sticky rice and papaya salad is an Eastern thing so I don't get that here. I will definitely serve over there though in the rice fields and third world countryside because some of the biggest branches are over there. No members haven't fed us yet, but it is because the members are mostly our age. They did buy us McDonalds yesterday which is a huge sacrifice for them because it is normally about 30-45 baat for a meal here, which is about a dollar. But McDonalds is almost 10x that much

-I asked him if last week's pic was his apartment and he said:

The picture was a pic of our office because my comp is second counselor in our branch. That was upstairs in the church. We live in a huge house, one of the biggest in the mish.

-I asked him if he loved riding a bike and he said:

Riding a bike is awesome.  I've only gotten hit a few times for forgetting which side of the road I am suppose to go on.  

(I of course was like?????? and then he corrected with "almost gotten hit" haha...big difference)

Love you all!

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