Sunday, November 6, 2016

My Companion Was Almost Shot... Week #14

Ok that is sort of a misleading title, but seems like Elder Varner is doing the same over in England haha. There is a member in our church named Brother Suthep and he is a police officer. Real interesting guy, loves to talk about all the interesting experiences he has had getting shot and doing the shooting. During our first weeks, he just randomly called us up and said he wanted to come to church. I saw his record in the area book but thought nothing of it, and now he has been rescued. Anyway, at church yesterday he had to go to the bathroom during third hour and so he handed his gun to my companion but he didn't say anything about what he was doing so my companion freaked when he put his loaded gun in his lap. He thought he was going to die but everything is fine he just had to go to the bathroom.

Nothing much happened this week. Because of our mission tour in Chiang Mai and then zone training in Philoog we were not even in our area for most of the week. So we only were able to contact a few referrals and get one new investigator. We have to work towards progressing our investigators. We found out this week that we were whitewashed into Gamphaeng because it became a slow area and the attitude of the Elders reflected it. So far we did turn that around and now we lead the zone in baptisms this transfer at 3. It was a slow month for the mission in baptisms, coming in at only 40, so that is rough but for how slow our area is, the President is impressed and there are rumors circulating that we will receive another pair of Elders.

( pictures from Sister Johnson's FB of Chiang Mai Zone Conference)

Because nothing much happened this week due to our meetings, I wanted to touch on a few cultural things here:

- Girls and guys almost never kiss before marriage, it is totally out of their culture
- Every song that they make is about relationships, and it is almost always about breakups and wanting to take revenge or being sad
- It is out of their culture to make appointments between each other, so for Elders to make appointments it is very difficult
- Everyone rides mopeds or motorbikes here. And if it is not one of those, it is a Hilux truck, I have seen thousands of those
- What they eat here is usually one of two things. Guaytiaw which is noodles with meat in soup, super popular. But the most popular is just slapping any kind of meat on rice. Out in the East, the food is way good, everything is pretty much served with sticky rice, but up here in the north we mostly just eat chicken or pork on rice everyday, but it is super good.
- It is out of culture to drink anything without a straw, they believe that you will get sick from the container, but it is also hard to find a bathroom with soap, so I do not understand but whatever.

I might add more later on as I think of interesting cultural things, but if you have questions about Thailand email me at!

Sorry no pictures this week, no baptism, and there is not much in Philoog. In Chiang Mai we were only there for a short time and when we were out it was dark and the pictures were not good. I will send more next week of our house! Love you and miss you all! 

Questions I asked him a few weeks ago:
-What is an average day like for you? 

We normally wake up, exercise, eat, get ready, and then we study for a few hours, we then leave the house and kind of just drift and find things to do. Plans are never solid so we contact and teach when we can. We normally eat at 12 and at 8, so our day wraps up at 8 because we have to be home at 9.

-What do you make yourself to eat? 

We don't ever really make anything to eat, I make ramen for breakfast and then everything else is eaten outside the house because restaurants are super cheap here, the ones that are not American.

-Do you ride a bike everywhere you go? 

Yes. Unless we go explore for P-Day, then we have members that take us.

-Do you knock on doors/track? 

Never. My companion has only done it once in his mission, contacting is done in or in front of shopping centers mostly, or on the streets.

-How big is your ward? 

It is a branch of about 30 in attendance, but it fluctuates.

-What do you do on your P-Days? 

We usually just tell the members we want to go explore and then they take us.

-What is the weirdest thing you have eaten? 

Besides that one bug I haven't eaten anything else very weird. I have avoided pig blood and chicken feet successfully.

-What is the hardest thing there for you? 

Understanding people. They say I speak very well and I can read and write but understanding people is extremely difficult. My companion said it took him six transfers to understand people fully, but the members told me that it should take me four.

-What do you love the most? 

The members here are amazing.

-What is the most spiritual thing you have experienced so far? 

Having one of our investigators say yes to baptism in his first lesson, a very rare miracle. It was the first time I ever extended a baptismal commitment, too, so it was very special and way cool.

-How are you sleeping? 

No problems.

-What's the weather like, is it super rainy? 

Rainy season is over and we are about to transition into cold season where it will be in the 70s.

-Have you felt sick at all? 

Some things do not digest well, and so it gives me bad stomach aches at times but it is a normal thing in this mission.

-Do they celebrate Halloween there? 

Normally but this year it was cancelled due to the death of the King.

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