Monday, November 14, 2016

The Land of MIRACLES - Week #15

After a lot of stress that we do not have any investigators ready for baptism, this week miracles unfolded before our eyes. We quickly went from zero people with a baptismal date to three! In the next two weeks we will have three more baptisms!! How it happened was the real miracle.

When we arrived in our area, the first girl we taught was a girl named Sister Mo. She is sixteen years old and she has been taught maybe around twenty lessons. She is the most solid investigator we have but her mom has never allowed her to be baptized because she is afraid of missionaries. She is so solid that she comes to church every week and she is treated as a member now. She helps teach lessons and fellowships, and has brought a few referrals as well. At sports night a few days ago she told us that she talked to her mom and she finally agreed! It came out of nowhere so I was shocked. We wanted to set her baptismal date for yesterday but that was impractical so she is getting baptized next week, miracles really do happen!

The other two came before that had happened. We taught the referrals from my RC their third lesson. We never had a really good opportunity to teach so we finally got around to teaching them the remainder of the Restoration. They are pretty solid too, they are quiet in lessons because that is how most Thai girls are, they will either laugh super hard at everything or not talk at all, except for Sister Mo there is no in between. Upon extending the baptismal invitation, not only did they both say yes, but they both said their parents would have no problem in allowing them to be Christian. So we were able to set a date for them!

Other than those three investigators, we have a large teaching pool that hasn't really come through for us in follow-up lessons. Sister Mo has two friends that are very solid as well but they both have difficulties with parents. They seem to be the next closest investigators to baptism if we expect more miracles to happen, and they will.

So in two weeks I will have had six baptisms. That is an amazing number, seeing as the number per transfer for a typical companionship is about 0.8 and we are in one of the slowest areas in the mission. The transfer ends on Thursday, we are unsure if we will receive two more Elders here or not but it is looking like that will not happen. A new group of missionaries are coming in and I was hoping that one of my Nong's (younger group) would be put in KPP but I am not sure that will be case.

This week we had two RMs come visit us. One of them served here about a year ago before going to Lao and the other served here a long time ago, when there were sisters here. We only met with the Elder that went to Lao because when the other was here we had to go to Bangkok for my trainer's ending mission meeting. We also had a switch off a few days ago with the area of the district leader so we were three hours away for a full day, which makes it hard to keep up with our area's goals.

Things are going very well here in Thailand and I am excited for another transfer full of BAPTISM!

Love you all!

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