Sunday, November 20, 2016

We Need Baptism! Week #16

And it keeps coming. Kamphaengphet is truly the best area in the mission, and I can accurately say that is no opinion. Although my hair is yet to re-obtain it's luscious status, I attached a plethora of pictures of our latest dunk for you all to enjoy. Sister Mo is the miracle I discussed in my last weekly email. She had to be dunked twice because her hair is so long, and also due to the fact that I have never baptized a girl before. We had some visitors at the baptism too, which is why there is another falang in the picture. Sister Mullen served here in Kamphaeng and so she came back to visit with her parents (her mom was born here, too) and her sister and friend.

Speaking of them, I had the terrifying experience of having to translate her friend's testimony on the stand. I stood next to her and she would say thinks into the microphone while I made an attempt to translate it. The members all said it was clear, they could understand every word, but Phii did say I need to work on my grammar. But overall they said it made sense, and it was a lot of fun. I also had to deliver a talk just minutes later and that was fun as well, but I lost track of where I was on the paper and because it was written in Thai, I decided just to ditch it and speak freely, so I winged it in Thai which was super hard but they said they understood every word of that.

I have also yet to mention my new companion! My first companion and trainer, Elder Powers, was unexpectedly transferred to Bangkok where he will end his mission. I received a new follow-up trainer, Elder Woodbury from Nevada. He is amazing and just finished training an Elder from my older group in the MTC, Elder Oakes who just went down to the office this transfer to be an office Elder. In fact, his past two companions both became office elders after being his companion, meaning if I am to become an office Elder next transfer, his trend will continue.

It was a crazy week this week and so meeting with all of our investigators due to transfers (causing us to travel to Bangkok), a meeting up in Lampang, and bringing Elder Woodbury up to speed on this amazing area. There is also a lot of drama happening in the area as well which has caused a slight speed bump but in the end everything will ok and this glorious work will press forward.

Today for P-Day we will be going to a waterfall again because it is so beautiful, so pictures of that will be up next week. Hopefully our two baptisms scheduled for next weeks will come to fruition as well, but due to all of the traveling this past week, we now are forced to teach a large amount of material to them in two weeks and also obtain their parent's permission. So please pray that I will have my 5th and 6th baptisms next week!

Hope all is well in the land of eternal P-days!

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